Duffy's Chocolate Nigaragua Oh Chuno! 45% milk chocolate


"The best milk chocolate that has ever been produced" specialist chocolate blogger, Seventy%

We've teamed up with Duffy's Chocolate to create a special edition bar of his Gold Medal winning Nigaragua Oh Chuno! 45% milk chocolate. It's properly grown up chocolate that you won't want to share!

  • winner of the Gold Award for Best Milk Chocolate Bar at the Academy of Chocolate
  • milk chocolate with hints of hay, figs and red fruit with a sweet caramel aftertaste
  • made by hand in Lincolnshire from the finest cocoa beans bought directly from the grower
  • the cocoa beans are lightly roasted and then stone-ground for three days with the other ingredients to allow all of the flavours to grow and develop
  • 60g bar 

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