Mystery Box


We could all do with a nice surprise right now, so we've decided to launch our Mystery Boxes again.

  • What is it? 

When you order one of our Mystery Boxes, you'll receive 4-6 mystery Pheasant Plucker & Son items with a total value of over £40.

Each Mystery Box is hand-picked selection of surprises to brighten your day.

Think quirky stationery, fun accessories, stylish homewares - the list goes on and on.

  • What if you don't like what you get in your Pheasant Plucker & Son Mystery Box?

Each mystery is unique and special and there are no requests allowed for this special event. That's the fun of a mystery box! You take a chance and get excited for what's to come.

If something in the box isn't your thing, why not wait until a friend or loved one’s birthday and re-gift it? Or you could give it to your colleague, neighbour or family member. The choice is up to you but rest assured you'll be receiving a box bursting with beautiful surprises! 

They sold out really quickly last time we did them so don't wait around - when we run out, we won't have any more.



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